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Perfect Days (2011)

4 votes, average 4.2 out of 10

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Celebrity hairdresser Erika might seem to have it all: a successful business, her own TV show, stylish modern loft in center of Prague, designer clothes, lots of friends and an ever-loving mother with a housework fixation. However, as Erika reaches her 40th birthday, all of a sudden here comes the deafening tick of her biological clock.Erika wants a baby and it has to be now or never. She is longing for a young life, even though she finds her own mother hard to get close to. The trouble is, she needs a man. The film follows in the lines of trashy genres, but at the same time it plays with them and by stressing ‘gender themes’ it even enters the poetics and ideology of feminism.

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Genre: Comedy
Duration: 108 Min

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